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 Casual Roleplaying: How to?

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Casual Roleplaying: How to? Empty
PostSubject: Casual Roleplaying: How to?   Casual Roleplaying: How to? EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 9:07 am

Casual Roleplay: How to?

1. Try to think of the Conan World when you play, and try get inspired by it.

2. If you have a background for your character, it'll help you to RP your character

3. It's good if you tell us about your character(s) in the presentation board, gives more depth to him/her. You can find that board here: Clicky

4. When speaking in the /say chat channel:
- always try to be IC.
- always try to avoid using abbreviations such as lol, rofl, w00t ...etc
- instead of typing ;-) =) =D ...etc, use emotes (or type *smiles*, *beams* and so on if you don't know the emotes).
- and being OOC put what you say within parenthesis ( ... )

5. Dismount when you go inside, ie at the trader, or in any other building.

6. Even though roleplaying, show respect to other players.

7. When posting on this forum you can, in the title of your thread, put up [IC] or [OOC] so everyone knows if it's an in character or out of character thread.

8. In guild- and groupchat we are often OOC.

9. Remember, when roleplaying an IC role it might sound offencive at times. It's not meant to offend anyone OOC, but if there are any uncertanties, be sure to clarify it OOC.

10. Last but not least, have fun with your RP! Smile

OOC = Out of Character
IC = In Character
Spatial = the /say chat channel
IRL = In real life
RP = Roleplay

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Casual Roleplaying: How to?
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