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 This is my character; Aireweth

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PostSubject: This is my character; Aireweth   Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:46 am

Hi everyone!
I’m David, 24 years of age and have loved RPG almost every one of them. Born and raised in the northern part of Sweden and moved to the south some years ago to study theology. It was at that time I met my dear friend Simon “Armselath”. It became very hard to study, when you couldn’t get up in the morning because of the late nights of rollplaying. Just to give some information on what’s going on for the moment. Our RPG group are building our own DoD campaign containing three parts.

My main character: Aireweth – Aqualonian Guardian

Aireweth is the man your grandmother would call a “svärmorsdröm” (grandmotherdream), but this is only when your grandmother is around. He can be the sweetest person you know, when he put his mind on it, and Aireweth has been raised to behave in front of and respect the elderly. But on a night out, when he are amongst his pears, then he is probably the loudest person in the room. He always help out a friend in need and are never late to protect those that can’t protect themselves. But his kind heart, isn’t always helping him, this is because Aireweth has a little weakness when it comes to girls and can take him to situation that raw power can’t help.

Aireweth history is a mystery for us, as well for him. He can only remember as far back till the day he woke up on that far away shore. The only thing he can remember, and this is his grandfather telling him to behave in front of the elderly and respect them, that they have much knowledge of things that you couldn’t even imagine. His grandfathers words and face has been carved into his memory.

He felt proud to call himself a Citizen of Solace, and then when his leaders told him that everyone had to abandon their homes to go to another city, he was saddened. He who had just settled down, what kind of place was this other city? When he first arrived, he felt greatly welcomed but there was something missing. Almost every quest he did, he did alone. But then one day he met Kratus in Old Tarantia, and later that same day Aireweth, Kratus and Armselath plunged themselves into battle with their blades risen high above their heads. But something went terribly wrong when they reached and fought Toirdealbach. Something hit him in the back of his head, and everything went black. The next thing he remembered was Kratus and Armselath standing over him outside the tomb. Somehow they managed to kill Toirdealbach and drag Aireweth outside. From that day, he pledged his life to the Forgotten Kings, to protect its city and its citizens. He will never stand aside when one of his friends are in the need of help, If his leaders call he will follow, even in to death.

Every day are Aireweth struggling to find his birth home, to find his family. Before, he wandered the lands searching; searching for that home, now he feels like he has found a place to call home.
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This is my character; Aireweth
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