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 Presenting my characters

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PostSubject: Presenting my characters   Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:52 am

My main character: Priestess Elana of Shamar - Aqualonian Priest of Mitra
Her name means 'Light' in Latin.

Elana is kind hearted, diplomatic and curious. She likes to help, guide and lead other people, and to share her experiences. She is down to earth and there is always a smile on her face. She rarely gets mad or angry, she is rather calm. Even so, she will not be treated as a door mat.
She offers her hand and healing touch to any who is in need.

Elana's parents were nobles living in Shamar. They lived a good, prosperous and rather safe life. Her parents were close friends to a family with a son named Casca. At the age of 10 she was betrothed to Casca, and when she was 12 they were married. They were married since that was both practical and suitable. Even so, there has always been a spark between them. And they know each other well since they were so close growing up together.

Elana comes from Shamar, an ancient city that is possibly older then Atlantis itself. It is one of the largest cities in Aqualonia. She was born and raised here. Her parents always encouraged her to try new things and that she could do anything she wanted. She decided to find her way through life by helping others and by studying in the Temple of Mitra. At the age of 20 she and her man wanted to broaden their horizon and see more of the world, they decided to move to Old Tarantia. They became respected citizens there. Even so, there was something she was searching for, something that by time was growing stronger and stronger inside her. As time went by, the atmosphere in Old Tarantia seemed to change and she started to feel what was lacking her, her solace, a true home.

One day she and her man were at a tavern where they met some new people. They started talking and discovered that they all shared the same hunger, the same goal, to find their solace. Together they decided that that they would try to find this place. They struggled and searched for days and finally, they found it - Citizen of Solace was shaped...
(Citizen of Solace - Background History)


My alt: Nafre - Stygian Demonolog
Her name means 'Goddess' in Egyptian

Nafre is some what of a flirt. She might not mean much by it since she has sworn fidelity to her man, but she enjoys it very much.
She is rather straight forward and can be a tad 'brutal' in her jokes. She doesn't hold back, if there is something she doesn't like, you'll know it, no one sits their ass on this chica Wink Since she is a stygian, she thinks more of herself, and you can sometimes feel like she look down on others. She doesn't think of it, it's just the stygian way.

Nafre has her origin in the city of Kheshatta, who also is called the City of Magicians. It is a loathsome city of dark magicians in southern Stygia. The Black Ring has it's HQ here and is lead by the vicious Toth-Amon. Nafre and her husband, Thutothmes, did not agree with the way of the Black Circle so they decided to leave this city behind them. For several reasons, unknown to public, they decided to find their destiny in Aqulonia, starting in the City of Solace.
Nafre married her husband Thutothmes 9 years ago when Thutothmes first layd eyes on her. Thutothmes is 55 years old, and she is only 23. This is a marriage based on love, there are no political nor religious aspects involved.
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Presenting my characters
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