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 Introduction of my character

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PostSubject: Introduction of my character   Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:18 am

(Woohoo I found *the destroyed story* from other computers hard drive, although I need to modify/correct it *a bit* but a draft is below, more is coming - just when I have time to stop drinking cherry cola... *burp* Smile)

Once upon a time the barbarian named Ismo was thrown to the beach of Tortage. After awaken naked in the sand it become clear that there was going to be a long and bloody journey. At first, a bondaged lady had to be saved. Then a closed gate was encountered. It was guarded by a big mob. Yet, the key to the gate had to be found. It was the first furious fights that let me know that this was my path - to help people and fight like animal gone berzerk.

After some fighting (gorillas with banana in hand caused some trouble) I managed to enter the Tortage. It was nice to see so many people running all around the city. The first days and weeks went doing some quests and wandering around the nice surroundings of the Tortage. White Sand Isle has a special place in my mind. It was there I could go to sunny beach to get grilled by sun. Yet, I had to be careful to not be biten by aggressive alligators. You could swim there too to cooldown skin and brains. Once, twice or thrice I entered an island of gorillas. They didn't like me stealing their precious, box of bananas that was, and yet there was also some kind of jewelry inside the box.

Fighting bravely, yet getting severely wounded now and then, it was at the Ruins where I noticedthat there was going more than people wandering around and killing stuff and looting everything. At there I was first time invited to a guild. The guild was called Honor and Glory (it no longer exists). The invitation came just after a great fight, and I could not persist me joining the guild. We sure had fun there with the two members present.

After the ruins I heard that pirates had imprisoned my father. It was no sure where it happened. But there were rumours that it was at land of Khitai (to which I have not been able to go yet because the path from Hyrkania to Khitai is blocked by great mountains. My dad was at that time great barbarian.I could not do anything else than continue my journey fighting fiercely, yet my dad in my mind.

During the saga I was told that there exists land named Kusan to the south of Hyrkania. This land has connection to the great Sea. Further, I was told that one is likely to visit one or many of the great places (Paliana, Issedon, ...) in the Kusan while passing the country. From Kusan one can take a ship to Khitai, maybe first visiting Angkhor at Kambuja. However, so far this ship path has been blocked by continuous fury storm at the Sea.

... longer and better(?) version under preparation ...
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Introduction of my character
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