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 Guidelines and Rules

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PostSubject: Guidelines and Rules   Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:57 am

As a member of the Forgotten Kings Community we ask that you follow and respect these Rules and Guidelines. They are there to help and guide all our members, and to make it a democratic community. Thank you for your consideration!


General Rules:

*We want members that are 18 years or older.

*We want easy going mature players that enjoys to play Age of Conan and wants to keep the Hyborian spirit alive.

*We would prefer that you have a name that is relatively good according to Age of Conan (i.e. not names like Pawned, Black Ninja etc...). If you want help with names, you can read more about them here: Clicky.

*When you become a member it is important that you keep yourself updated here on the forum. This is where we spread information, make some decision and share useful information to help each other. We plan events, gatherings, vote, and a lot of other things here. So make sure to pop in from time to time so you don't miss out on important things.

*It's not a purpose in itself to be a large guild, we want active members. Quantity is not what we look for, we want quality.

*As a New Member you have a trial period. During this time you have a chance to get acquainted with the Guild, City, Members and our Rules. We will also see how active you are.

*We are happy to invite people that show interest in our Guild and City, and meet the requirements above.

Rules that each Member follows:

*Respect other players.

*The Forgotten Kings is a casual roleplay City and Guild, not hard core. Please read our thoughts on casual roleplay here: Clicky.

*When you become a member you automatically swear loyalty to our Council, Guild and City.

*Members that doesn't follow the Rules will be spoken to and given a chance to change. If they don't, they will be removed from the community.

*If you have been inactive for 60 days or longer, and haven't notified the Council, or posted here on the forum that you'll be back, you will be removed from the Community, ie Guild and City.

*Within a time period of one month, from the day you join us, we would prefer it if you write down and present your character(s) in the presentation board (Clicky). The presentation should include name, profession, class, alts and if possible a picture. If you want, you can also include a background, it helps the roleplay.

*Decisions made in the community (by the Council, at Guild meetings...etc) are to be followed.

*All members at level 60 or higher pays a small tax fee every two weeks. This to help build our city and prosper as a guild.
- Level 60 - 70 pays 25s / two weeks
- Level 71 - 79 pays 50s / two weeks
- Level 80 pays 1g / two weeks

Note: You pay the tax money to our Tax Master by sending them an IG email with the money attached, thank you!

*Everyone is welcome to go for a higher rank, we encourage it! If you wish to climb in rank, you can read what's expected of you here: Clicky (This clicky does not work yet, it's in progress).

*The Council decides if someone should be removed from the guild, not a single member/person.

*Last but not least, remember that we are in the world of Conan; violence, slavery and sexuality exists, and are to a degree part of this world. Use common sense, and remember what's in character (IC) and what's not, ie out of character (OOC). It's all about being casual, having fun together, and respect your fellow guildies.

General information:

*English is our main language.

*We have a Team Speak server. Here are the instructions for how to use it: Clicky

*On a regular basis we do a 'Guild Clean House', ie remove in-active members.

*In game members of the Forgotten Kings are accepted to this forum.

*Soon you will be able to read about our background here.

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Guidelines and Rules
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